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Video blog: my favorite items to travel with for fitness and healthy snacking on the go

I’m currently halfway through my third week on the road, including an 8-day cruise, delayed flights, early mornings, late nights, multiple conferences, three time zones, and several different states. Somehow, through all of this, I’m still managing to get in a vigorous 40-60min workout and log a balanced variety of healthy foods every single day.

Today I’m at Content Camp before moving on to speak at WordCamp Sacramento, and I realized it seemed like the perfect time to address the question I get the most often:

What’s my secret to maintaining a daily workout and healthy eating schedule when I travel so much?

I discuss some tips in the video below:

Ultimately, there’s no shortcut for Doing The Work, but as I mention in the video, the biggest challenge with keeping up a health and fitness routine on the road often has to do with Friction. Travel brings tons of friction through unfamiliar locations, busy schedules, disrupted sleep schedules, uncertain meal times and food offerings, and lots of other barriers preventing us from sticking to our habits. The more friction we have in the way of our desired behavior, the less likely it is we are going to follow through with our intentions.

Planning ahead and equipping yourself with a toolkit helps you reduce that friction, because the items you need will already be with you. In the video, I give you a quick overview of the tools and snacks I personally carry with me on every trip, including:

  • Resistance bands and leg bands for working out anywhere
  • Bluetooth headphone adapter and safety headphones (allows outside noise so I stay aware of my surroundings)
  • Blender bottle and my preferred preworkout brand
  • Juice, teas, electrolyte tablets, and other sources of caffeine
  • An assortment of protein bars and other compact, nutritious snack food
  • A computer to access my favorite workouts when I can’t get to a gym (I am personally a Beachbody On Demand subscriber since I have been doing Chalene Johnson‘s workouts for years, but there are plenty of other paid and free workout options out there. Bonus points if you can download them for the times you don’t have internet access)

Do you like these video blogs? Would you like me to post more content like this? Any requests? Leave a comment or get in touch and let me know!

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  1. Fyn

    Impressive, very good habit! Thanks for sharing this blog post / vlog. 🙂


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