Video: Working out wherever you go

Just because you’re in a different location doesn’t mean you can’t exercise! I share some tips to help you prioritize physical activity and make the most of any space you find yourself in.

While I was attending AIGA Design Camp (where I served as committee volunteer, board of directors representative, and workshop speaker this year) I woke up every morning to get in a workout at the Madden’s gym. Having been to their facilities a few years in a row, I was very familiar with what their gym had to offer, and could plan my exercise routine accordingly. But what happens when you travel somewhere new? Or if you travel somewhere that doesn’t have as much room or equipment?

As always, flexibility is the key. It might be too cold or wet to run, you may not have enough space to spread out, there might not be heavy weights available, or you might be in a shared room or house where people are on a different sleep schedule than you. Knowing those sorts of details in advance can help you plan ahead for the types of workouts that will be suitable for your time, energy, and accommodations.

However, dedication is equally important. If you want to stay active when you’re not home, especially if you’re heading to an event where a majority of your time is accounted for, you will likely have to make some choices that are different from the people that want to stay out late, sleep in, or (worse) give up on sleep entirely. I’m pretty used to being one of the first ones to leave at conference parties, and one of the first ones awake in the morning, because I find it easiest to take care of workouts first thing. But, I’ll usually select one of the nights where I’m willing to stay up a bit later and have fun (like if there is a later start the next day!)

In summary: be kind to yourself, but be purposeful with what you do. Create the space for your workouts when and where you can, without sacrificing the reason you traveled in the first place.

What’s your favorite travel workout tip? Favorite places to work out when you’re not at home?

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