health, hustle, & heart: the ongoing balance of fitness and freelance

My name is Michelle. As a freelance web designer & developer, frequent traveller, and conference speaker, I’ve noticed how much invisible pressure there is in our industry to live an unhealthy lifestyle:

Nutrient-poor food as the default choice for travel, conferences, and places of employment. Professional networking events centered around overindulgence. Glamorizing overwork, the culture of “busy-ness,” and a perpetual lack of sleep. Long, sedentary days hunched over a desk, or slouched in a conference chair, or stuck in a vehicle. And the unspoken social rules that dictate we all buy into this “work hard, party harder” lifestyle.

Well, I don’t buy it. I believe it’s possible to be successful at a freelance career AND take care of your mind and body. This blog is a story of that constant journey: a little creativity, a dash of rebelliousness, and a ton of not taking myself too seriously.

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